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United States
i like popcorn :D

Current Residence: Mercy Falls, Minnesota
Favourite style of art: writing, film, and photography
Operating System: windows vista or 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: conch (lol I AM THE CONCH BEARER)
Skin of choice: mine?
Favourite cartoon character: I'd say Perry the Platypus about ties with Dr.Doofenschmirtz
enjoy the updated one, noob
and also, with the last one, I accidentally left some of the answers from the friend whose journal I copy-pasted the survey from

Your real name: Erin
Age: almost 16
Natural hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Skin color: olive
Glasses/contacts?: contacts
Piercings: nope
Tattoos: maybe in a few years
Braces: unfortunately
Mannerisms: playing with my hair, biting my nails, chewing my lips-- all unfortunate habits
Other distinctive markings: freckle under my right eye

Colours: black, white, silver, gold, red, purple, pink
Band: probably Keane
Video game: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Movie: mmm so hard to choose… Titanic, Love Actually, Hugo, Super 8, X-Men: First Class
Book: for now, I guess Jane Eyre
Food: popcorn
Game on a cell phone: Bakery Story
CD: currently "The Kids Are All Right" soundtrack
Flower: plumeria
Scent: pine
Animal: wolf, probably
Comic book: Scott Pilgrim
Cereal: reese's puffs
Website: tumblr
Cartoon Character: Perry the Platypus

Play an instrument?: nope
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: nope
Like to sing?: mostly in the shower
Have a job?: nope
Have a cell phone?: yep
Like to play sports?: not really :P
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope
Have a crush on someone?: hells no, not anymore
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: nope
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: nope
Have any special talents/skills?: not really
Exercise daily?: lol no
Like school?: are you kidding? nobody does

Sing the alphabet backwards?: not anymore
Go a day without food?: yep
Remember your dreams: usually no
Read music, not just tabs?: not anymore
Roll your tongue?: nope
Eat a whole pizza?: nooooo

Won something in the lottery?: nope
Snuck out of the house?: yep
Lied to get out of trouble?: duh
Had a computer crash?: several times
Gotten lost in your city?: a couple times when I first moved to Manhattan
Seen a shooting star?: mmhmm
Been to any other countries?: Ireland, Korea, Italy, Mexico, France, Canada (Quebec once, the Toronto area twice)
Had a serious surgery?: nope
Stolen something important to someone else?: nope
Solved a rubiks cube?: nope
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: several times. I regret nothing.
Cried over a girl?: when a friend moved away in grade school
Cried over a boy?: dur
Kissed a random stranger?: nooo
Hugged a random stranger?: yep
Been in a fist fight?: yep
Been arrested?: nope
Done drugs?: ew, no
Had alcohol?: yuchh, no
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: story of my life
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator: all the time in my building
Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?: once or twice
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: nope
Swore at your parents?: yep
Been to a casino?: not yet
Ran over an animal and killed it?: nooooo
Broken a bone?: tailbone >.>
Had a water balloon fight in winter?: yes. it fucking sucks.
Bitten someone?: yeah >.>
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: Disney World three times as of this summer, Disney Land not yet
Burped in someone's face?: duh

Brushed your teeth: this morning
Cried: idk, within the last two days (but if divorce isn't a great catchall excuse for crying and sleep deprivation then I don't know what is)
Saw a movie in a theatre: Friday, New Year's Eve (not as good as I'd hoped, but cute)
Read a book: I'm re-reading Jane Eyre
Had a snow day: last winter some time
Had a party: years ago
Went to a doctor: sixth grade?
Tripped in front of someone: an hour ago
Went to the grocery store: last weekend
Got sick: about a month ago
Got cursed at: a few weeks ago probably
Called someone: this afternoon

Fruit/vegetables: fruits
Black/white: both
Lights on/lights off: off
TV/movie: movie
Body spray/lotion: lotion
Cash/cheque: cash
Pillows/blankets: both
Headache/stomach ache: headache
Paint/charcoal: neither? can't draw/paint
Chinese food/Mexican food: THAI
Summer/winter: summer. I hate the cold.
Snow/rain: rain
Fog/misty: fog
Rock/rap: I hate rap
Meat/vegetarian: veggies. healthier.
Chocolate/vanilla: chocolate
Sprinkles/icing: icing
Cake/pie: cake
Strawberries/blueberries: both
Ocean/swimming pool: swimming pool <3
Cookies/muffins: cookies
Wallet/pocket: pocket
Window/door: door
Charles Chaplin/Chespirito: ehh, who?
Pink/purple: both
Cat/dog: both
Long sleeve/short sleeve: short sleeve or tank top
Pants/shorts: shorts shorts shorts
Winter break/spring break: spring, its warmer
Spring/autumn: both
Clouds/clear sky: clear sky
Questions/Answers: questions
War/Peace: peace

Do you believe in love?: dur
What's the most important kind of love for you?: all kinds
Have you ever been in love?: not yet. currently, love < career
Been close to love?: not really
If you have, with who?: n/a
Ever confessed your feelings to the one you loved?: no
Really badly so that it actually hurts and you cry at night?: no
Are you in a relationship?: no
If so, for how long?: n/a
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: yes
What is your idea of the best date?: going to an amusement park or going ice skating
What was your first kiss like?: never been kissed
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: n/a
Do you think love is worth nothing?: love of all kinds is the most important thing in life
Best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex: nothing exciting
If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before?: nope
Have you ever been dumped?: n/a
Have you ever dumped someone?: n/a

Am: determined
Want: to become an actress
Need: to become an actress
Love: my family, my friends, my life, my dreams
Hate: homework, school, exams
Feel: bored
Did: review for exams, check my tumblr
Miss: not my dad, who's a capital shithead. maybe my hamster Sammy, who died a few weeks ago :( RIP <3
Am annoyed by: bad acting
Would rather: live in LA
Am tired of: boys being idiots
Will always: fight for what I want

What is your favourite genre of music?: maybe alternative
What time is it now?: 10:02 pm
How much money do you have right now?: $60, but my dad owes it to me and he never pays up cause he's a selfish dickhead
Are you hungry right now?: nope
What are you doing right now?: this
Do you like parades?: sometimes
Do you like the moon?: I'm Wiccan, the moon is really important to me
What are you going to do when you're done with this?: watch Downton Abbey
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: the ability to change my appearance at will, like Mystique

Funny?: not really, but I try to be
Cool?: nooo
Pretty?: yeah, underneath the acne and back-to-back bad hair days >.>
Sarcastic?: yep
Lazy?: very
Hyper?: alternately hyper and lethargic
Friendly?: sometimes
Evil?: true evil is only found in Voldemort and my father
Unforgettable?: I certainly hope so
Smart?: yeah, but too lazy to actually put it to good use
Strong?: nope
Talented?: I'm not comfortable answering this question
Dorky?: yes

High: "Kids: don't buy drugs.  Become a rock star and they give you them for free!" --Billy Mack, Love Actually
Lonely: old spinsters
Pen: frindle
Flower: garden
Window: fire escape
Psycho: Alfred Hitchcock
Brain freeze: ice cream
Strange: moi
Sassy: yours truly
Art: filmmaking & photography

Sky dive?: gladly
Run away?: probably not
Curse at a teacher?: no
Not take a shower for a week?: nooooooo, never
Ask someone out?: hell to the no
Unscrew your cellphone too see what's inside?: maybe
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: probably not
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: yes
Go scuba diving?: maybe
Write a book?: mmhmm
Assemble a computer?: nope
Become a rock star?: nah
Have a long-distance relationship?: sure
Marry someone you don't know?: NO

What kind of computer do you have?: MacBook Air
What grade/level of studies are you in?: 10th grade/sophomore year
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: only at twitards
How many posters do you have in your room?: three made real posters/prints purchased at anime conventions, two newspaper articles/ads, one handmade watercolor by my cousin, one (crappy) sketch by me, and more waiting to be hung
  • Listening to: Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine
  • Reading: re-reading Jane Eyre
  • Watching: Downton Abbey
  • Drinking: water

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